Hi. I'm Dan Voyce.

I can help you with your Digital Needs!!
I help companies like yours, create complex systems that work.
I work with cutting edge technologies to ensure that work is delivered efficiently and your requirements are realised.

Learn what I do

I design and build amazing things.

I take pride in my work and seeing your dreams come to fruition.

Bleeding Edge Tech

I use PHP5, RAD Frameworks and other tools to ensure your requirements can be solved with correct and future proof technologies suitable for your needs

A Fantastic ROI

Having 10 years experience developing and managing clients, I am well placed to turn your requirements into a stable, working system - Efficiently.

Capable Sys Admin

I am a Linux Foundation Certified Systems Administrator, I can save you money and time by managing the deployment of your application correctly.

Awesome work makes for happy clients.

Here is a selection of some of the websites I have helped create


Gardening Service in Birmingham

I am a Ninja when it comes to the following:

I am a great believer in Open Source Software, I love finding new tools that can solve specific problems, there is no need to re-invent the wheel!

Digital Leadership

Let me manage your teams and get your digital strategy realised and implemented

Programming / Coding

PHP (5.5 OOP, CakePHP + more), Javascript (jQuery suite, node), Databases (SQL & NoSQL)

System Skills

Cloud services (AWS, vSphere, OnApp), Linux (All distros), Unix (AIX, Solaris), Windows Server

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